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Pi Day
is a great day to have some fun with mathematics and science. 

This morning. 
Iza packed this toolbox.
Together with her "good child detector".
Off she went to school. 

A radio. 
Last term's little project after the "Christmas Shrub".




You made a christmas "tree" ... a beautiful shrub indeed ...
Very abstract. Very conceptual.
I admire how your tutor has inspired you.

" Mama, I wish to study in secondary school. I think it's more fun there.
媽媽, 我想讀中學"

You said just after the second class with Tutor Doraemon.

Your Tudor D does have clever tricks to stimulate kids.

" It's better to dig ( explore ) things by ourselves than being told.
I soon forget things people just murmur to my ears.
與其由別人告訴你, 不自己找。說。說。說。轉瞬, 忘了。"
you said in class.
" How you grab my secret ?!!!
你怎麼知道我的秘密 ? "
Tutor D.

This is such a sweet response.
"The little secret" has built a magical bridge, a secure connection, abides you and the Tutor.
You are encouraged, understood and accepted.

It's a bit sad that this beautiful child and teacher relationship does not always happen in regular classroom.
Iza is fortunate in coming into encounter with Tutor D, whom is actually the parent of a P6 student in our school.
A very devoted parent and a knowledgable person.

Thanks for the beautiful twinkling lights, Tutor Doraemon !

Images of iza were taken in Chengdu.
She's in the beautiful craft by Fei An.



Inspired by this. We thought of having fun with things found in our kitchen.
Making a liquid indicator that helps us to figure out which food, drinks or detergents are acids or alkalis.

1...Cut the red cabbage into tiny pieces.
2...Put the pieces into a big glass bowl.
3...Add boiling water and stir the mixture.
4...Leave it to cool.
5...Pour the cabbage water through a strainer into a jar.

The liquid is the indicator.

We started the test with lemonade and baking soda.
Lemonade turned the indicator reddish pink, indicating it's an acid.
Baking soda turned the indicator into a beautiful blue green, indicating it's an alkali.
We tried with things iza shortlisted : Lemon, baking soda, honey, chicken broth, milk, soya source, cod liver oil, vinegar, shampoo, glass cleaner and water ( can be anything provided it's safe ).

Watch the color changes. You will know which is acid or alkali.

We cross referenced with pH indicator papers.

When you mix the liquids with baking soda and lemonade (or vinegar) together, you will see furious bubbles. If we mix the right amount of acid and alkali, they will cancel out each other and make a neutral (salt) again. But we didn't get the right balance :)





Wednesday, after a new extra-curricular activity (organized by school), she brought this home. She's so eager to explain everything to me ... and it has a secret function. The machine knows if you are good or bad! It is a good child detector. Her tutor must be doraemon. If not, he shall be Santa Claus who is making a list and gonna find out who's naughty and nice ...

星期三, 新的課外活動後她帶了這東西回家。還未放下書包, 就告訴我這個那個有什麼功能。這東東還有神奇用途 ... 可以測度小朋友乖不乖! 原來是, 神奇乖孩子探測器。導師應該是叮噹。她讓我隨時使用,只是逢星期三要帶返學。



This iza ...
a familiar one.

This iza ...
you will find traces of saliva on her violin after practices.

This iza ...
will plaster her face with baby cream.



Iza's kindergarten teacher tries to introduce children with some simple science experiments, hoping that parents and children would find it simple to explore in our daily life. After 2-3 weeks exploration in school, children are asked to work out something with parents at home and present their experiment at school.

Iza decided to make a straw instrument with 50 straws.
Eventually, we've made an instrument of
7 x [ d r m f s l t ] + 1 x d´ = 49 + 1
We used transparent straws for all [d]s, white straws for other notes.
Visually, iza learnt multiples of 7.

We've developed other forms...

Iza was so keen on inventing something ...

On the way of experimentation, papa ziggy had found some interesting videos on the web for making straw instruments ... It's not only inspiring to iza and also to myself. You may search under
on topics:

- straw instrument
- straw oboe
- vegetable instrument (Broccoli ocarina - Mary Had A Little Lamb)
- Hydraulophone

This is another interesting site :

Under "QUICK AND EASY" - Snake Chamber's duck call, we can find videos on:
- Build a Reed Instrument out of a Drinking Straw Part 1
- Make a Reed Instrument from a Drinking Straw Part 2
It is an instructional video starts with an introduction about how the author got interested in reed instruments when he was living in Bangladesh, country in South Asia. This is a great project to make with groups of kids. It only takes a straw and scissors; a hole punch--and earplugs--are optional. He makes the case that even our vocal chords act like reed instruments: rushing air causes them to vibrate and create sound.

The process