"...we are bound to recollections, images, impressions that mostly occur in our childhood...(which) alter with new experiences, in permanent renewal. At some point a forgotten memory, an image, a sound or a phrase we recorded reappears ... that guides us towards a certain path."
Fuensanta Nieto & Enrique Sobejano (architects)

Chinese medicines 01

"Moving colors"
JAN 2008, Seoul

A gentle light
JAN 2008, Seoul

JAN 2008, Seoul

National University, Seoul
JAN 2008

JAN 2008, Seoul

JAN 2008,Seoul

MoA , Seoul National University by Rem Koolhaas
JAN 2008

JAN 2008, Seoul
A temporary ice skating rink


The end of Jan 08, we've been to our project in Seoul again.
It's freezing there.

Hong Kong Polytechnic - ziggy & alliot's mother school.
Almost 20 years, our daughter sits on the same "pillar" as our days.

A very warm gift from Amos, he made us a traditional Chinese New Year Cake!
And, his own "production" of seasonings!

This is another school project - book sharing.
Every child is invited to bring their own books to school to create a little library.
Here are iza's books.
They can borrow a book every 2 weeks.
And, they shall draw a report for every book they borrowed.
Quite a nice idea!

School project : Grow a plant for the elderly
We needed to look after the plant, decorate the pot & send as a gift to the elderly after 2 months.