I will quit for a few days...
Wish everyone a peaceful holiday!

These are christmas cards we made for iza's teachers and classmates...

Sharing some moods of Christmas from others...
Christmas from Nordic
Christmas from New York
Christmas from France

Christmas from Nimes, France
le vestiaire de clé
(sister of Jeanne)
Christmas scent from France


"mama, why can't I see the North Pole in the sky?"
"The North Pole is always on the upper side of the Globe."
iza tried to explained her query...

Her thought whirls in my mind.


Iza has her first tooth (bottom right front tooth) lost before Christmas.


Iza is always making something.
These are all made by herself alone.
Even I don't know where's her inspirations come from...


Thanks for Mandy's stamps!
Iza was very happy to receive your mail.
She can manage to ride a bicycle but she's a dangerous driver!

Recently, she's making some stamps of her own (together with mama's assistance).
Later, we can send our dear friends "hand-made" stamps!!


Still in a mist.
No way out yet.
She hit another child 2 days ago...
I (persuade myself) try not to only look into the troubles
but searching ...
beauty in the
lost ...
I escape.
At least,
for a while.


I extremely love this piece of chip of white paper.
Iza came to me one day last week,

"mama, I made this for you."
"What is it my dear?"

I was thrilled when I got to know the answer.
Except the color, the whole thing was so delicately made and close to the original.

" It is a piece of wood (veneer)."
She added the tape because the whole thing fell apart after all the scratches.


A headpiece.


Rough things continue to happen ...
we are doing project for ... HK Government ...
threatening words ...
I'm not afraid, but angry ...
can you imagine ... representatives from the Government ...

the bureaucracy ... continuous frustrations ...
Always we ignore those ridiculousness,
only make every effort to do things we need to do.
Staying away from politics or social circles make life a lot easier ...
I need something to flourish my soul ...

2 hours later...

I feel much better after seeing iza's baby photos and videos...



... O. OO. . ...

Don't know how to put my thoughts and feelings in words ... my father... need to have bone scan this friday ... and ... all the nasty behaviors of iza ...
yesterday... iza hit another 2 classmates again ... she turned her bowl of soup up side down intentionally during lunch at school ... because she said that she's having a stomach ache ... there was irritating noise that caused her stomach ache ... the noise was from Japan ... OOOOh!! ...
she was wearing shoes to bed in the afternoon at school ... telling her teacher that wearing shoes to bed is a ritual of Thai ... OOOOOOOh!!! ... Why Thai? ... We are not Thais ...
I laughed ... she is really creative ... I'm glad ... her teachers are mercy to her and me ... I puzzle ... she performs so well at social class that she is the social star every lesson ... but repeated aggressive behaviors at school ... I wonder ... what happens to her ... I doubt ... myself as a mother ... I want to know ... what can I do ...
She is not the one who needs to attend lessons,
it's ME!




These images are taken by papa with iphone toy camera effect.


These are taken with Ricoh GX200.