Doing research on dinosaurs...

Before coloring, she has drafted her dinosaur in details.
After expressive strokes, all are covered up ... iza is very upset.
With my helping hands, the head is re-layouted with white crayon ...
This unfinished work looks quite nice.


Thanks Evelyne for asking what's in iza's hands.
I've nearly forgotten what it was.
I'm also curious ...
Until I revisit the photos ... blow up and look closely ... the thing ... was a PlayDoh mushroom :)


London 13

To end the series of Garden and Animals in London with this collage.

I just love antelopes. They are so elegant.
Violin and antelopes would be a perfect match as the closing series...


iza, danny and wendy



A little Cape from 6.5 st.
I'm caught by Alison's sensitivity. She writes with her heart.

It's the only picture which is in focus ...

London 12


Day 12
1 ++Changes to dirty color ... a grey brown yellow ... as described by iza
2 ++More dilute than before
3 ++We will open it on the coming Sunday in the open air!



A beautiful book - The red shoes by sun young yoo / gloria fowler
I bought it from my favorite shop Modernchild.

Nice dress pale blue - PIP-SQUEAK CHAPEAU
I love Sveta's works.

Room Shoe from Korea


London 11

For these 2 weeks time, iza will stay with me in the studio ...
leaving no time for myself ...


Because of outbreak of swine flu in HK, all kindergartens and primary schools will be closed for 2 weeks...
iza already misses her classmates.

London 10

Lion the commander



1 Color changes to creamy yellow
2 Volume change...not noticeable ( because iza always shakes the bottle, liquid egg sticks all over the inner wall of bottle, therefore hard to tell the change ... )
3 More condensed, coagulations found
4 Stinky smell fills the room when cap is opened!!!

Yes, we need a mask to continue the experiment :)



It's iza's little experiment. It's not orange juice, it's liquid egg.
She just wants to watch the color change of the liquid egg.
She cracked the shell of an egg, dropped the content into a measuring cup, carefully poured it into a bottle and whisked well.
The bottle will be placed near the window which is facing west. Sun will directly shine onto it in late afternoon.

Objectives of observation:

1 Change in color
2 Change in volume
3 Change in state
4 Change in smell

The observation period will last for 2 weeks, starting from 2009.06.08.
Changes of the first 3 items will be recorded by photos.
We don't know how to record the 4th item.
Iza predicts the color will turn deeper and the liquid egg will become more dilute...
I think we will have steamed egg after 2 weeks time :)

London 8