Thanks so much Evelyne!!!
Iza was so excited when she saw these beautiful dolls!
I love so much the little heart shaped nut and the story of Linnea!
Hope one day we can bring iza to the Monet garden :)

Iza also has the same type of shoes. We brought them from Beijing.


Don't know whether you will notice,
iza is always carrying this little case in recent sets of photos.
Since iza goes to primary school,
the only time we can spare together is on weekends ...
no longer we would have the luxury as she was in kindergarten ...
precious moment just come before every flute lesson on Sunday,
we could have very little time for pictures ...
that's why,
she is always with her flute.


Iza has a good sense of humor ...
we think she might love this companion - charlie chaplin.
Recently, we share a delight of chaplin's city lights (1931) with her.
She enjoys.



Reading Feian's Misbehaved girls in the Art Museum, I recall some ... threatening moments when iza got NATURAL HIGH in large space like galleries and museums ...
Usually, in these places, photography is not allowed.
More often, I didn't have time to focus my lens ... I needed to guard the exhibits from being crashed, smashed, and turned into trash.
Believing that we do not have many related images, still, I try to dig into my library ... eventually I found this.
Nothing vigorous, but an encounter of 2 little children at Richard Hutten Exhibition in Kunsthal, Rotterdam, June 2007.
A blank space filled with beautiful echoes.
At that time, Iza was 4.

So glad to have this blog space.
Otherwise I would never be able to see this again and again and again.
I've seen this more than 20 times after I uploaded it.
But not ONCE after I took it, and before this post.
We often take stills, not videos.
Even, we do not have a proper video camera ...
Motions once captured, they will remain as a file in our computer library FOREVER ...
We don't have time to produce any printouts,
therefore iza has a BLANK printout photo album ...
it's not possible for us to browse all images with her ...
there are toooooo many ...
I then have this blog,
to force myself
to post IMMEDIATELY after every shot.
Still, I have photos taken in Feb not yet edit ...