Thinking of closing the blog for the last few weeks ...
Since September, I did not have my camera in my bag as usual.
I am in a state of depression as iza's new school year starts.
Iza rushes to finish her homework
and nothing else.
It was a rare occasion that I had my camera with me for the last set of images.
iza was so happy ...
she danced.
When I edited the last post,
I recalled this series of pictures
which was taken in APRIL 2010.
Juxtapose two sets of images,
I'm astonished.
Only HALF a year,
iza has grown A LOT!!!!!
She is growing in the speed of light.
I know
I will be regretted
if I lose this journal ...



For a while, there was a stagnancy.
I was enchanted when I found these little paper masks standing on my desk one recent morning.
Each with a different facial expression.
They look pretty classic.
I always love to see iza creating things ...
even nonsense things ...
this leads me to her fascinating world ...




This knot has interlaced two mothers together.

That day.
A parcel arrived our front door.
It carried all gentleness from Norway to HK.
Sweet Fei An has made iza these unique pieces stitch by stitch ...
When I put my fingers on the hand sew stitches,
I can imagine Fei An working with her needle under the warm Scandinavian light.
It reminds me in the old days, mama always made clothes for their children.
I adore those mothers who still do.
I will keep the precious pieces for iza's children,
wish these kind thoughts will pass from generation to generation ...

One day in September.
I received a surprise from my sweet friend.
A felt case ... hand made by lovely Fei An.
The matting of fibers has interwoven with all gentle thoughts.
Heartfelt thanks, my dear friend.
I know I must be blessed.