Iza woke up,
having her bottle of milk,
looking at the ceiling,
talking to herself,
"This ceiling is the floor of the roof level,
this floor is the ceiling of the 1st floor..."
We live in a tiny 3 storey house.
The 2nd floor is the bedroom floor.


Since 6-7 months ago, Iza has started her peculiar interest on what makes things up,
like glass, hair, paper, human beings...
From last week, she has tried to group things into man-made & natural.
When she comes across electricity, she has difficulty in "classification".
I'm wondering though the electricity is generated by man-made plants & distributed across man-made infra-structure, has the form of electricity changed from its natural (original) state??
I don't know.
Since electricity is a form of energy, not materials...
I find my own concepts are so confusing ...
When I'm still thinking on this, iza starts another subject -

"What's rocks made of?"

Now I'm reading e.explore Rock and Mineral (DK)


Ziggy & I both feel that iza is somehow "leading" us, instead we take the lead on her education.
Is it bad? I don't know.
Is it normal? I don't know.
We always find ourselves inadequate.
Our oversimplified concepts creates some loopholes.
We unaware that iza will pick the loopholes up.
She drives me to read lots of books that I have never think I will pick them up!
this morning,
Qin Shi Huangdi, the First Chinese Emperor, suddenly comes to her attention...

Amsterdam 2007.06


A lego robot.
Last week, we has taught her her first piece of Chinese poetry.
She seems fascinated.
She creates her own silly poetry.
However, it's too difficult to translate!

Cycling with her cousins.
Iza has initiated to go to the public area to ride the bicycle, there, they have more space to go.
She always prefers to go outdoor, instead of sitting still infront of TV.


We learnt that there was an earthquake in Chile and life loss.
I tried to explain to Iza that earthquake is caused by the collision of tectonic plates...
She immediately relates this to the phenomenon of thundering & lightning.
I'm impressed.

That night, i found Iza crying under "her" quilt for something silly.
She turned up her face and told me,

" My left brain collides with my right brain, therefore, I cry."

We burst into laughters. No more crying.
I told her because she is sad therefore she cries.
" I don't always cry when I'm sad. It is the collision in my head !" Iza said.

Her latest creation.
It is a gate with double locks. Behind the gate is a house.
She tried very hard to make the lock set!

These were taken in Almere, 2007.06.
Iza is always excited by large empty space.
She will run, spin, sway like dancing...
We have been ''expelled" from some Museums (very traditional ones) several times,
not because we were noisy, but iza was dashing around.
Maybe Hong Kong is too small, iza gets natural high for hugh space!

It was the lloyd hotel in Amsterdam.
It looks more like a communal space than a hotel.
The place where iza was playing blocks is not an enclosed room, but an open space above the cafe. Other specific (or non-specific) function "rooms" are open spaces, just stacked above the cafe and spread on different levels.

Though we haven't stayed there for the last trip, it is sure our choice for the next trip.


Last Sunday, iza & I were sitting on the sofa and doing nothing.
It was sunset.

The sunlight went through the blind & casted a long shade on the floor.
"The sun will not sleep.
It is going to Amterdam now." iza said.
She starts to figure out conflicts between what we've told her, and, what she perceives & experiences.