Before going to bed,
iza sang a birthday song to Jesus and wished Him a merry birthday.
And she said,
" I am MERRY! "


" Iza, do you know what is an inverse proportion (the mathematical relation) ? "
" Yes, it's 'BUT'. "

It's always amazing to see a child start making sense of the order of the world by himself / herself.
I know that she does not know how to do Maths like proportionality yet and i'm not going to teach her either.
I would love to see her learning this by herself one day.


iza's doodle art during an Analects of Confucius 論語 lesson.

"Sometimes, you feel happy when you are unhappy."
Iza said. On a day of this September.

It's an extremely difficult concept for me. I think it will take my whole life to learn this.


Simply thank you all.
Jeanne ming is right, this journal recorded the days of light.
Like Agnes said, iza will taste these precious moments like honey in the years to come.


A treasure found on the blog of iza's teacher.


After the last post, my computer crashed (again).
All pictures between September to November 2010 vanished.
Those three pictures were the only ones left.
Now they are my jewels.


Thinking of closing the blog for the last few weeks ...
Since September, I did not have my camera in my bag as usual.
I am in a state of depression as iza's new school year starts.
Iza rushes to finish her homework
and nothing else.
It was a rare occasion that I had my camera with me for the last set of images.
iza was so happy ...
she danced.
When I edited the last post,
I recalled this series of pictures
which was taken in APRIL 2010.
Juxtapose two sets of images,
I'm astonished.
Only HALF a year,
iza has grown A LOT!!!!!
She is growing in the speed of light.
I know
I will be regretted
if I lose this journal ...



For a while, there was a stagnancy.
I was enchanted when I found these little paper masks standing on my desk one recent morning.
Each with a different facial expression.
They look pretty classic.
I always love to see iza creating things ...
even nonsense things ...
this leads me to her fascinating world ...




This knot has interlaced two mothers together.

That day.
A parcel arrived our front door.
It carried all gentleness from Norway to HK.
Sweet Fei An has made iza these unique pieces stitch by stitch ...
When I put my fingers on the hand sew stitches,
I can imagine Fei An working with her needle under the warm Scandinavian light.
It reminds me in the old days, mama always made clothes for their children.
I adore those mothers who still do.
I will keep the precious pieces for iza's children,
wish these kind thoughts will pass from generation to generation ...

One day in September.
I received a surprise from my sweet friend.
A felt case ... hand made by lovely Fei An.
The matting of fibers has interwoven with all gentle thoughts.
Heartfelt thanks, my dear friend.
I know I must be blessed.