Yesterday, iza's school invited parents to attend classes with our children.
A nice experience.
But the most impressive of all is that, we met iza's class teacher at 9:00p.m. outside the school the day before this event. She was alone. No other teachers.
She worked till that late.
She is just a kindergarden teacher.
We can hardly imagine that kindergarden teacher needs to work overtime.
She is so devoted to the children.
She is adorable.
Picasso called him "the new Leonardo".
Bruno munari is a poet, designer, children's book author, graphic artist ...
Through the book "Air made visible", we can have a glimpse of his insights on art & child development...


The most inspiring illustrator for children books - Kveta Pacovska.
She was born in 1928 in Prague. After studying at the School of Applied Arts in Prague, she began to illustrate children's books for 50 years.

Kveta Pacovska once said:
A book is architecture for me. It is a given sealed space into which I compose painted, written, cut and empty pages...
...A drawing is such as it is. It should not and cannot pretend. It expresses our feelings and our thoughts. I love all materials. They are tempting...
...Each individual tone is beautiful by itself and in certain groupings we create new dimensions, harmony, disharmony, symphonies, operas and books for children...

I'm fascinated by her works, I searched for her books. Now, i've collected 7 books.
She has no personal web site, but quite a number of related sites.

In June, there will be an exhibition of her works:
International Poppentheater Festival 2008 from 21 till June 29 Tentoonstellingsopening of work Kveta Pacovska, Czech Republic
Date: 22-06-2008
Time: 16:00


Organizing books is like treasure hunting.
Lots of discoveries.
Just found that we've got 3 books by Lisbeth zwerger (1954), an Austrian illustrator.
Like her ink wash drawing, enhanced by water colours with monochromic shades of brown and greyish blue.
I cannot find her own web page but lots of her books are available on-line.
Apart from amazon, you can have a blowse : www.childscapes.com