Iza had ear infection some weeks ago.
When she met the doctor, she asked a silly question [as above].
It's peculiar to think there's a passage across our head that we can look through ...
I wonder has she ever tried to peek through the others ears without letting people knowing?
The doctor did give her an answer, a PROPER and NORMAL answer.
when we shared her creepy thought with my brothers, her Uncle Danny (also a doctor but practicing in UK) asked her what did the doctor say...
iza answered without a second thought,
"No. But, it's a tunnel for bees [to walk]!"
It's NOT the doctor's answer.
It seemed she's not kidding, either.
Sooo spooky freaky!!!!

Had something happened in the middle of message transmission??

Actually, the doctor did say,
"No, you can't look through. The tunnels are sealed up (at one end)."

In Cantonese, "bee" sounds exactly the same as "seal up".
That's why...haha...
Because of her words [to walk], we could tell that she had associated these sounds to "bee"!
It's really itchy and noisy to have bees creeping inside one's ears ...
My silly iza.

It's far too hilarious that I cannot resist turning her words into illustrations.



Military Museum, Beijing

iza and her cousin Carol

The form and space of the Architecture of Communism were always spectacular.
I'm obsessed by the tension between the gigantic emptyness of space and the strong lines...
no matter they are hugh curves, straight edges or muscle tone of sculptures...

It is such a large collection ... on wars ... death ... sufferings ... saddness ...



Remembered when iza was still a few months old, I liked to play this game – "looking for" iza in another person. I was too curious to know what iza would look, what type of personality she would be…

Would iza look like that girl with thick glass, heavy school bag, oversize school uniform, always walking with her head down …

Or, she would be an athletic-look girl liked the one with tan skin, strong and boyish…

Maybe, she would be a lonely girl, like the girl at the corner of street, always stayed away from the other students…

When days passed by, I have collected more but never enough information ... she’s iron-willed, confident, tough, adventurous, courageous, high energy, with broad range of interests, with strong sense of humor, her “lateral thinking mode” is always on, could also be very logical and rational, sensitive (maybe over sensitive sometimes), extreme in likes and dislikes…

Looking at her face below, I could hardly imagine that iza is who she is now… life is amazing.

Just found a folder named {unkown date} in my computer (images should be captured by a mobile)... it's baby iza ... she's around 7-8M old.



During our former stay in Beijing, we stayed in 3 hotels ... we have a tendency of moving around ... here's the Hotel G.


This beautiful illustration is by Maia Chavez Larkin, a very talented and sensitive artist, journalist and a mother of a gorgeous child Q. As mentioned by Maia, her inspiration on the drawing came from iza. I do smell the scent of iza!

From Maia's blog, I see the power of love enlightens the soul of a tiny Chinese girl Q, her adopted daughter. Many times, I have such an intricate feelings that from our Mother Country, there are so many abandoned little souls ... I'm so ashamed ... but now I see their happy little faces, I'm enchanted ... there's hope, there's life ...
And, thanks to Yoli, a mother of 3 Chinese children, sharing all the insights on child adoption. Adopting a child is far more complicated than I could ever think.
But above all, I feel the love!
Thanks Maia!
Thanks Yoli!



Iza loves dinosaurs.
I love the delicacy of skeletons.
The above images were from the dinosaur theme park in Chang Zhou and Natural History Museum in London.

It was breathe taking to find life size dinosaurs "running" on a large piece of grass, "bathing" in the lake, "hiding" behind lush greens...
They looked real!

It rained all the day. The water in the air dramatized the sceneries.

Beautiful fossils
Real pigeons :)