Iza is 7 today.

It was like yesterday.

We spend some quiet time to do paper crafts. Beautiful time.

These wonderful things are from here, discovered via here.

This little series of daily count down is a birthday present to iza.
Secret codes are added to the end of posts from April 15, 2010 " COTTON TREE" to the last post. As may notice, pictures of baby iza (from 6M to 1M) are published in a backward order on the latest ones ... with an intention ... of bringing myself back to her day of birth. Also, I try to cover her artworks, little words, thoughts, and the pictures of her on a trolley are a record of our preparation of her party ... I feel SO difficult to put all related materials together ... but it worths, after all.

I have reorganized the labels under posts to make a better navigation. A section named "LABEL" is added to the bottom of the right column. What triggered me to do so was an email from a curious mama. Thanks Aisha.
I would never try to think other possibilities for browsing my own blog, which I do always flip through ... I would never imagine one may interest in searching information on how I raised iza, which I'm still searching my way ...
I wish, the labels could help a little ... but it may not answer directly to the question asked. I would try my best to do a sharing post on it.
Among all categories, I love the " little dialogue " most. Whenever I read iza's words and thoughts, they made me smile. Another highlight is the "little trip" which is the most fascinating collection of photos.



This is how iza's hair like after school today...

Before school,
her hair was neatly tied up on sides.
After a whole day ...
what can i can say ...
This is iza.
her look into you ...
is very iza.

The picture above was taken when she was 4M old,
her view of the world.
Now she walks and runs,
she has her new view.

She is,
on her road
to discover
wonder of the World,
with her big eyes.




Back to the days when I was in Secondary School. I loved Biology.
One day, we came across a topic that I waited for so long.
I wanted to know more, more, more... about thinking.
After lesson to lesson, I waited and waited.
The most critical point was never mentioned.
I was very disappointed.
I went to see the teacher and asked him why the topic was named as "thinking process" but contents only covered on how signals were transmitted along nerves.
I wanted to know what's a thought ... how it got started ... from nothing to something ...
He told me that these were not in syllabus ...
I was angry.
He killed a student's prime learning motivation.
Of course, now I know, he couldn't give me an answer.
It is not what Biology is about.
But what stirs a thought still amazed me today.



" Is airport a SHOPPING MALL with parking spaces for airplanes, or is it an AIRPORT with a mall in it?"
iza gazed up in the air and talked to herself.
I almost wanted to show her immediately the book MUTATIONS by Rem Koolhaas ...
Aug 2009

top left ........The Hulton Getty Picture Collection : Aviation
top right ......Mutations


After the big earthquake in Chile in February, iza learnt that the Earth axis might have moved, making days on Earth shorter. Scientists from Nasa think it moved 7.6cm ... our days could be 1.26 microseconds shorter ...

" Mama, if a day is shorter, will there be a change in counting 24 hrs per day?" iza puzzled.
" ... i don't know ... i don't think so ... "
" Mama, if we still use the unit of 24 hrs per day, then is a SECOND still a SECOND?"
Mar 2010


"It's the most delicious cookie in the World!"
iza said when she was eating this.

"Umm...should be the best cookie I've ever had.
Cookies I've tried as compared to ALL cookies in the world are just like (area of) HK to the Earth. No... not HK ... might be Singapore ..." she's figuring out ...
"Have you ever learnt analogy at school?" mama wondered.
"Do you know what is it?"
"Yes, it's like 6-3=9-6."
"6-3 is not equal to 3-6."
"Mama, what i said was 6-3=9-6."

OH!!!!! I never think of using an equation to explain analogy.
It's very conceptual.
I guess I would use plenty of WORDS instead.
I know, primarily, I use Chinese in thinking, my mother tongue, my first language.
But, iza is using numbers, by her first instinct, in thinking!
Nov 2009