A bus and the passengers.




Went to a new office tower in Hong Kong last week.
It's still under construction.
Below is the typical lift lobby, there seems to be no lifts doors!.
The whole lobby is covered by frosted glass.
Lifts doors are concealed.
When lift arrives, blue light glows.
Then you will notice the location of the dedicated lift (to pick you up).
The glass doors slide open automatically.
Lift reveals.
Iza was very curious on the magic lift doors!

The shield was amazing.
Before she wore it, I couldn't tell what it was.
And, she chose 2 beautiful colors.

The next day when I picked up iza after school, iza asked,
"Have you seen Mr. Mantis again?"
"No." I replied.
"Have you met Mr. Panda?"
I had no idea on what she's talking about.

Before I went to bed that night,
I suddenly realized.
Iza was associating Mr. Mantis to "Kung Fu Panda"-an animation by Dreamworks.

I told iza there was a severe traffic jam in my internal network,
I got her joke hours after.
Iza laughted, and said,
"Yes! It's OK."


We met "Mr. Mantis" outside iza's school yesterday.
"How do you know it is a 'he', not 'she'? " asked iza.
"I don't know. The words just come out of my mouth." I confessed.
"There is one kind of animal which is easy to identify whether it is a "he"or a "she".
It's human being!" iza explained enthusiastically.
"Oh yes! We're lucky.
Otherwise, mama might easily get wrong and marry to a "she"........"
It's always fun to joke with iza.


On the first floor, you can see the sky.
On the second floor, you can see the sky.
On the third, forth and fifth floor, you can also see the sky.
Why can't we see the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and the 5th floor?" iza asked.

I don't understand.
She continues to explain.

"Like in cars under the ground, we can still see the sky but not the ground above."

"Ummmm...." I don't know how to respond.

"I can explain one more time.
The first floor is carrying the 2nd, 3rd...and so on floors.
From each floor, we can see the sky.
However, when we are on the first floor, we cannot see the floors above.
And, when we are going through a tunnel, we never see the ground (sea) above.
But when we get out the tunnel, we can see the sky.
How is it like that??" iza tries to explain in details.

Eventually, I understand her question :)
However, I'm more interested in what's inside her head.

Love the works by Hella Jongerius.

Lovely greens.
Fresh air.
Blowing bubbles.
Running in the Park.
A wonderful afternoon.


Having breakfast

Some books to share:-

When the opposites happen to us, what can we do?
See what Nate does...


We all need it --- vegetable glue.
Otherwise we will fall apart!


The little girl is looking for friends...


A book iza loves to read.
"Looking East-Portraits by STEVE McCURRY"



A book by the wife of a famous Chinese writer.
It's written after the death of her husband and daughter.
The name is "WE THREE".
There are little stories about the days they were together.
I'm touched by a scene that papa messed up her daughter's bed and got caught right in the middle of the "crime scene". At that time, the nasty papa was already over 80.


We made iza to collect clips she dropped onto the floor by using 2 magnets.
She did it happily.
And, she found this (as below) amazing.
But, I found that she tends to be very minimalistic.
She excluded all the others and only left a piece of clip and 2 magnets.
This tendency reveals in her other works too.

This is another work by iza.
It's a headpiece.
Carol (iza's cousin) carries it nicely.

She called this a "scarf"
She made this out of scrap paper yesterday.
The detail on the shoulder is beautiful!!!
And, she's trying to cut out a pocket when sh'e wearing it.
She did this so spontaneously.
She's like an inborn designer!

Love the dog

Iza built this lovely house with a swimming pool on the top.

Some nice paper folds by iza

papa and mama

I just sneak into office,
Leaving Iza with her cousins and auntie.
They are watching TV (DVD).
She knows that I do not like her watching TV for hours.
They are so addict to TV,
They just stick onto the sofa,
Only move when eating or going to toilet.
I prefer iza plays with the pets, run, jump, sleep or even daydream...
Anything but not stay in front of TV for a whole day.
Since I cannot stop them watching TV,
I stare at iza without saying anything before I go to the office.

"I will watch only for a while,

And I will watch outside the window."
iza said with her big eyes glittering.


Our first postcard to iza.
We sent it from Shanghai when we attended a conference there.
We got this one month latter!


Seeds collected by iza.
They fall and fly like snowflakes during early summer.

Details of "fairy gown"- the first dress I made for iza.


These lovely dolls are from

image courtesy of Sveta Dresher