Milan 18

The Sforza Castle

Sweet letters from iza.

(On the green piece, iza wrote:
" When I woke up this morning, I saw mama. I kissed her immediately."
On the white one, iza wrote:
"Mama, I love you."
It was a letter within a letter, she wanted to give a double surprise to me! )

I made these last night, for the school performance this Saturday.

They are the little characters I drew for the poster & tickets of school performance day.
I haven't been drawing for a long long time!!!


It was already a month ago!
No longer do I insist to finish the trip photos first ...

Her teachers and classmates.


" Iza, I'm mad at the roughness of some project situations. How can I release myself from eager?
Please help me!!!" I just need someone to talk to.
" Look at the ceiling! " iza told me to do so.
" I'm looking at it now, then what? "
" The ceiling will get whiter and whiter. Then, you will not be angry anymore."
" Who teaches you this? " I wondered.
" Nobody. I just do this when I'm angry. " iza simply answered.
I followed.
It works.

She is wise.


Milan 16


Iza the little photographer.
Our shot and her shot.

Iza's photography ( iphone-symmetrizr )


Milan 12 + London 1


Iza loves to collect.

These few things were picked up by Iza during the Milan & London Trip 09.
... pebbles from the Hempel Hotel, London
... pine cones from Kew Garden, London
... chestnut from the studio museum "Achille Castiglioni", Milan

Putting side by side the other 2 sets of "treasures" from Japan and Vietnam ...
having a glimpse of iza's library...

The Hempel, London ... picking pebbles

Kew Garden, London ... searching for pine cones

The studio museum "Achille Castiglioni", Milan ... for chestnuts

( images from daily icon magazine and the studio museum "Achille Castiglioni" )

It was a place where the master Achille Castigliono worked and creative ideas were born.
I love this place more than any other exhibitions in Milan Design week 09.
I'm touched by these classic designs.
They could still move one's soul after decades!!!

On a comment book of the studio museum,
Iza drew these.
A chain of light bulbs,
and a chair which can be unfolded into a bench.
They are remarkable!
We have bumped into the Corraini's Gallery in Milan, by accident.
We met Steven Guarnaccia.
He was signing iza's new book - the three little pigs.
It is another place I would HIGHLY recommend.
Though small, but contented.
Corraini has a sophisticated collection of children books.
They even conduct workshops for children and teachers.
I hope one day they will come to HK!

In this new story, the 3 pigs are architects.
The first little pig decided to build his house of scrapes ... representing Frank Gehry.
The second little pig built a glass house ... representing Philip Johnson.
The third little pig built the Falling Water ... yes, he was Frank Lloyd Wright.
I then showed iza pictures of this great building.


Milan 10


Animal-shaped furniture by French designers iBride.
Below is Martin the Mule - a writing desk in the form of a life-sized mule.

Owen the sheep table and Scotty the lamb stool.

Joe the bear shelf