Iza was so happy with her own designed robe.

It's the Science Museum in HK. Iza and mama were playing with the mirror.


Oliver Jeffers

A beautiful animated film by Studioaka based on Oliver Jeffers's picture book - Lost and Found.
It is about friendship.
The story is simple but touching!

For those who are in love with Oliver's books, his new book has come out recently - The great paper caper.
It's about a mystery of disappearing of trees in a forest.
Full investigation is launched.
We will follow through the clues and find out what's happened.


Shangri-La 10

Iza and her violin.

This is the last group of photos.
They are all taken with iphone Camera Bag.
Quite fun.

On the way to Lijiang


Sleeping iza


Shangri-La 9

Iza enjoys bathing very much.
That day, she had been in the water for more than an hour.

"Your skin would peel off ... "
these words just came out my mouth ...

"I will pick them up piece by piece ... "
iza joked in a serious tone.

"It is the most scary joke that I've ever heard..."
I told iza.

Iza wants to show these blur photos.


Shangri-La 8

Holding in iza's hand was a bottle of oxygen (provided by the hotel) we needed to inhale during the trip.


Shangri-La 6

Iza is back in shape.
However, some of the children are still sick.
Really hope to see them soon.


We have a day trip to Lijiang - an preserved old city.
It is overpraised.
Now it's just a cluster of shops...


Shangri-La 5

Iza is sick today.
She's infected with an Enterovirus. Quite a number of chidren in her class have a similar symptom - repeated vomiting...
Hope that they are all fine and will come back to school very soon!!!!


Below was a documentary of an afternoon in Shangri-La with her beloved food - muffin.


Shangri-La 4


It was Iza's first encounter with roosters,
she suddenly discovered that the way we taught her crow like rooster was wrong!
She then became me teacher teaching me how to crow in a right pitch and beat :)

Our lunch