A beautiful copper moon on Dec 10, 2011.

It's not only iza's first time in watching the lunar eclipse, also mine. Iza was so happy to stay outside in the coldness with us till midnight.
Never ever did i have such a conscious feel on the depth of darkness of the sky. The moon was no longer a reflective disc against a dark background but a sphere suspended in the "emptiness" ... Maybe it's the visible details on the dimmed moon shaped the volume of the space ... the conceptual model of the space became something "tangible" ...

Eclipse pictures were taken by papa ziggy.




Bouncy bouncy iza, it seems that you can hardly stop for a while ...

Paper paper, you just stretches our capacity of imagination ...

Beautiful pop-up books : Yellow Square & 600 Black spots, by David Carter. Nice gifts for children of all ages and for those who's in love with paper crafts.

Paper lovers, will you be interested in resolving this paper puzzle by professor Ed Barbeau?

The book seems for toddlers. No, not really. Just a single touch of a finger will spark a whimsical dance of color. Iza loves it so much.
Enjoy the power of imagination. Press here.




You made a christmas "tree" ... a beautiful shrub indeed ...
Very abstract. Very conceptual.
I admire how your tutor has inspired you.

" Mama, I wish to study in secondary school. I think it's more fun there.
媽媽, 我想讀中學"

You said just after the second class with Tutor Doraemon.

Your Tudor D does have clever tricks to stimulate kids.

" It's better to dig ( explore ) things by ourselves than being told.
I soon forget things people just murmur to my ears.
與其由別人告訴你, 不自己找。說。說。說。轉瞬, 忘了。"
you said in class.
" How you grab my secret ?!!!
你怎麼知道我的秘密 ? "
Tutor D.

This is such a sweet response.
"The little secret" has built a magical bridge, a secure connection, abides you and the Tutor.
You are encouraged, understood and accepted.

It's a bit sad that this beautiful child and teacher relationship does not always happen in regular classroom.
Iza is fortunate in coming into encounter with Tutor D, whom is actually the parent of a P6 student in our school.
A very devoted parent and a knowledgable person.

Thanks for the beautiful twinkling lights, Tutor Doraemon !

Images of iza were taken in Chengdu.
She's in the beautiful craft by Fei An.