I just learn how to manage uploading pictures.
There are a lot to put into.
Maybe, sometimes, I will go back to the past.
Sometimes, I will put down something that just happen to Iza.
There may be no clear time line.

I really hope to write the blog in Chinese.
Because it will be fun to record what Iza exactly says.
I will try.

" The faster it goes, the slower it becomes.
The slower it goes, the faster it becomes."

Iza said someday last week.
I wondered what's she's talking about.
She said that it's the Merry-go-round.
When it spins faster, it takes longer to stop.
She is just 4Y4M old.

Two days later, when we were walking home.
Daddy kept saying his bag was too heavy.
Iza said, " RUN! The bag will get lighter! "

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