Iza starts Lego class since this August.
The first 3 lessons, she needed to build objects according to instructions.
She loves Lego. But these pieces were too small for her.
She could not grab the single units & hold them firmly.
She could not manage to stick the pieces together.
And, she found reading instruction sheets difficult.
On the 4th lesson, she was allowed to build her own piece!!
She always wants to create.
After one & a half hour, I was invited to see her creation.
The above was her first created piece. It was a 3 storey bus.
It was built of 12 identical pieces.
Every 3 pieces piled into a bigger piece.
There were 4 big pieces.
They were only connected by a single rod.
Therefore, the 4 pieces could rotate separately.
Then attached the 4 wheels.
The middle 2 pieces were serving like see-saw.
When one side was lowered, passenger could get on.
Then,the passenger would be raised to the top of the bus!
When she found that the passeger was difficult to sit on, she added a yellow piece on the top to stablize the structure.
Then, she tried to add more wheels...
I think I cannot make a more simple design that serve so many functions.
This bus can go onto rocky roads because the 4 wheels are attached separately to the vehicle.

Her second creation.
In some classes, there are no final products.
She is just exploring how the parts of Lego works.

It was a triangle - a musical instrument. She created it this Monday.

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