Who is wrong?
This is a question at the end of a story book.
It's the school's selection of books for home reading.

The story is about a mouse who finds a cake on a table.
It jumps up & eats. It's so happy that it begins to sing.
And, the mouse's songs arouses a cat's attention.
The mouse eventually runs away with it's long tail broken.

There are a couples of questions on the final page.
But this question really bothers me.

Shall we condemn the mouse stealing?
Is it wrong to be too happy & excited when you have something really nice?
Or, the mouse is not alert enough?
I don't know the answer and I don't want to provide an answer.
I keep silent on what I'm thinking, just ask iza what she thinks.

" The cat is wrong. It hurts the mouse." Iza said.

I don't think Iza gets the "right" answer but she's sweet.

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