Today, I got mad on Iza.
Because she just said," Mama, you are not hard working."
Maybe, she thought other mothers don't have time to bring their children to school and activities?
I feel offensed.

I feel totally burned-out because of iza...
I try to do everything by myself, and, go to work.
I hope to involve into the very basic daily routine of iza, not help by others, i think it is the "place" where "things" grow...
Ziggy & I try not to have housework helper, we do it by ourselves.
And, we leave no time for ourselves...
This little blog is the only quiet space, I create, revisit nice moments, feel relief...
Iza iza, do you understand?


Carmen said...

Hello, don't worry and forget. She's a child. And she's very lucky to be your daughter.
You must not doubt about that. Look at your photos ! You love her so much ! You're doing your best !
ps : I really like your blog, so beautiful!

alliot said...

Dear Carmen,
Thanks for your words.
I always feel like that the relationship between a child & her mother is "mysterious" & " versatile", far more unpredictable than with any adults. We are consciously & sub-consciously influencing our child in a great extend, but to what extend & which direction, we are surely do not know...Sometimes, it comes up with great surprise.