My little philosopher

A little chat yesterday morning.

"There is nothing unlimited.
Everything is limited, isn't it mama?"
iza asked.

(I thought that it was my brother who told her.
He is somebody whom will talk and play with iza in such a context.
But, I found out that it was not him.
It was iza's little wonder.}

"Is there anything that maybe an exceptional?" I asked.

"No." iza answered firmly.

"How about time?" I challenged her.

"...If all the people died, there won't be time anymore..."

I'm thrilled by her answer.
Because she answered "no" in the conservation,
I'm sure any answer she has to my last question was originated by herself.
No matter right or wrong, her answer was very philosophical.


emma'sfamily said...

so beautiful blog......love your univers......

alliot said...

It's always lovely to have visits and feedbacks!
iza now knows how to click into comments and links to the sites.
She really enjoy to meet new friends.