Choosing a school

We need to submit form for applying primary school this weekend.
According to rules of game set by the Government, only one choice for the first round.
Still not yet make up our minds.
We've rushed a number of schools for these few weekends.
We hope to have a school that allow children to think and lead...
Maybe we are not realistic...

Iza wants to join her cousins' school.
But I'm not so sure...
And, the worst is that I don't know whether our choice is better than hers.
Sounds silly!?
So stressful!


Loulou's mum said...

Reading you I was wondering if these schools, you are considering, are public or private ? What choice do you have ?
Here in Paris, we've just moved in an area with both public and private (which are more in demand, it is a posh area) but none based on Montessori (as I hoped). So we have choosen a public school and for one reason : the very near public college and "lycée" is one of the 5 best in the city and it is easier the continue in the public as going from private to public. Our only reason *sigh* Luckily, they are only 22 children in Loulou's "petite section de maternelle" (she is only 3) for one teacher and an assistant. Like you, we hope we have made the right choice. Not an easy one.

alliot said...

I'm so glad to see loulou starts school smoothly!
I can see her lovely face on your blog.
Actually, I incline towards private school.
Now I choose 3 private schools and 1 public school(we can only select 1 public for this round)in case she is rejected by all 3 private schools.
I become so nervous after she was being rejected by a private school (one of our favorite) before this summer holiday. We were so confident when we interviewed. But it turned out quite out of our expectation.
After that, we think we need to plan for the worst!
Because things just don't come out as expected and simple.
She has got a quite uneven development. She has difficult temperament and good cognitive ability. This makes her education plan difficult.