Chung Yeung Festival
We went climbing and


Iza turns this exercise book into a sketch book.

The first picture is a man with metal chain under and outer wear.
"It is very heavy and cold!" iza explained.

The second picture is a rear view of a chair.
I yelled in my heart when she was drawing the 4th leg.
At that critical moment, she hesitated for a second.
I kept my mouth shut,
avoided interfering her way.
And, she finished with the leg partially hid behind the seat and shorter in length.

It is always blissful to be present at the moment witnessing our child making critical marks on her growing path.
Especially you know she is mastering all these by herself.
Not teach by others.


Yesterday morning,
when we were going to school,
"Mama, what's the difference between Catholic and Protestant?" iza asked.
"There are more decorations in the Catholic church but not protestant church." iza said.
That means,
she notices there are 2 religions sharing similar figures but look different!
Maybe I should go into history of Protestant reformation?!
Or shall I dig into Theological tenets??
I don't know how to explain this complicated issue in a simplier way!

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