Christmas Decorations

The 2 on the right are made by iza (except the face).
They are of different construction methods.
I'm more secure and she's more experimental!


Loulou's mum said...

Hello Iza ! Those angels are very sweet. What will they decorate ? A christmas tree ? Some place in your room ? Loulou wanted a christmas tree in her room already. Her grand dad gave her a false one small (but we will have a real one, smelling so very fresh like your are outside in the Alp mountains, in our living room a bit later). She decorated it with small animals made of wood, mostly birds and rabbits. We would love to hear how you spend the end of year festivities and later about the new year in HK.

alliot said...

I love the smell of pine!
So lovely!
The angels are currently displayed in iza's school. Later, when we have them back, we will put them in front of the window next to iza's bed :)
Merry Christmas!