Great thanks to loulou's mum!!!
Iza would be really happy to receive stamps from France!
We can send you our mailing address through our email (
Please drop by.

Actually, I have prepared to show her album.
It's a used old fashion album given by her cousin Zoe.
Iza loves it so much although you can see it's already torn.
I think I would never love this kind of illustrations and also the strange green.
This made me recalling the image of Chinese potty (the red one as shown).
However, Iza is so indulge in it,
I start feeling like it :)

I only gave her 5 HK dollars to buy some stamps in the post office.
I hope she's not spending too much.
Therefore, she can only get those birds stamps.
I gave her the others as a reward for some appropriate behaviors.

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