"Mama, is fraction a kind of division?" Iza asked.
She's pretty confident in plus but not yet minus.
Still not able to do equations on multiplication and division.
But I think she understands some basic concepts.
I'm amazed by the way she groups different things together.


When I picked up iza after school on the day of Election,
I told iza,
" Obama won! "
" I know !"


Yesterday was the first time in my life that I read " The little Match girl" to iza.
I don't feel like this story since I was a child.
It's so heavy.
Because it's something real.
The real world is cruel.
One can die in all lonesome,
even she was just an innocent child.
Every scenery in the light of each match was loaded with sadness.

I think so hard during this summer.
I should follow the majority,
read some classic stories to our child.
Because children are assumed to know these stories.
Sometimes, they are being asked about social situations in these classics.
They are expected to give some response.
If one cannot, there may be problems.
Is she unable to understand?
The situation is that I don't know whether she is capable or not.
Or she is just not familiar with these stories...
Then, I start to read... something I don't really feel into ...
Little match girl is just one of them...

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