A minimalistic piece !!!
One cue card,
punches for eyes,
staple for mouth,
clip for nose,
a cut rubber band for hair.
I'm amazed by her delicate and clever use of materials.

Iza has fun in my office.
She can entertain herself with scraps when I'm busy with my work.

She made this stage for story telling.

A silly piece.

We have problem in getting iza sleep since she was a baby.
It becomes worse when the amount of activities increase recently.
She starts violin, balllet, ice skating, social group, individual sensory integration training sessions; together with piano, maths, swimming, phonics... And, practices on violin and piano everyday after school...
Our lives are filled with schedules.
Schedules to catch up everyday.
Iza is a high energy child.
She initiates and loves to learn all these things (except social group that I think it is a MUST), and she still wants to add computer and creative technology lessons!
It is crazy!
Everyone can see she is very tired.
No matter how tired she is, she still doesn't want to sleep.
She doesn't nap in the afternoon.
She can only fall into sleep around 11:30- 12:00 midnight.
It is obvious why she has great difficulty waking up in the morning for school.
She is still sleeping when having breakfast.
This week, I try to get her in bed 2 and a half hours before her normal routine.
It's a great challenge to me.
Because I'm Ms Owl.
My brain works in full function in the midnight.
Also, I need to arrange my work schedule.
As promised by papa, I can be excused to project and office meetings hold after dinner.
Things to be cleared, I can be focused.
I "seduce" iza to bed by telling her that it is an enriched storytime.
Iza doesn't like repetition.
The same lot of stories cannot be frequently repeated (the cycle is usually more than a month).
A great source or longer stories are needed!
Every night, we read 2-3 stories books and a few chapters of "The little prince" by Antone De Saint Exupery. We use a chinese translated version with new illustrations.

The effect is good.
She can sleep 30-45 mins earlier than her regulars.
Something quite unexpected, she can get almost every punch lines in the story of "The little prince".
She laughs at the humiliations made on the grown-ups, felt excited when the pilot drew little prince a crate, inside which was the sheep he wanted...
There are a lot of satires and metaphors in the story, it maybe difficult for a young
But I think she is quite OK.
After this, we may read Harry Potter or Lord of the Ring... Because, it is long enough :)

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