Iza whined in her violin lesson again yesterday.
She hit another child.

At last, we figure out that she is anxious whenever the teacher starts a new song.
She said to herself that she will not be afraid of new things anymore.
Though she can verbalize the problem, how can she manage to overcome her anxiety in real life situations?

When I try to release her worry by telling her every child in the classroom does not know how to play the new song, it is OK if she doesn't.
I told her that she's playing really well. Even she has not listened to the teacher (she refused to), she can manage to play the whole new song at home with mama only singing the first line to her.

"If you don't know, you will not be afraid.
You will be afraid only if you know."
iza said.

This is peculiar.
Quite an unexpected answer from a young child.
Yes, if we don't sense that there is a problem, there is no problem. We will not be afraid.

My little child,
I can feel your stress now.


Miko is 9.

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