I feel much relieved.
Eventually, I've a day off yesterday.
Away from work and without iza!

I felt so upset when I NEEDED to do office work after bringing iza to swimming class,
then wrote tender document (the kind of work I hate very much) on SUNDAY till midnight....
All overlapping roles as a caretaker, a housekeeper and designer ...

After retreat,
I have a much clearer mind,
I remmember one little thing that happened last week.
When we were in a MTR station, iza told me,
"Everyone can support themselves on one leg."
"Why do you have such a thought?"
"Look!" she pointed to all those busy people walking to and fro,
"When we walk, we are shifting legs.
When we shift leg, we stand on one leg only." she explained.

Now I have space for her words.
Wonderful observation.


Yongfoo Elite - a graceful place in Shanghai.
It is a dining and leisure club offering gourmet cuisine, wine and live music.
Located in the diplomatic district in Shanghai, the villa has served at different times as aconsulate for the UK, Russia and Vietnam.


Lovely gold and cyan...

Kung Fu iza

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