Shangri-La 1

We didn't plan for this trip.
we decided to leave 3 days immediately after we made up our minds.
We chose
a place where visas were not required,
air tickets were available,
searched for a vacant room during this peak travelling season in HK and SE Asia (it's the Chinese New Year).
We headed to Ringha,
not knowing it is the well known Shangri-La - the profound "LOST HORIZON",
not knowing it is 3200M above sea level,
not knowing it is a true authentic Tibetian valley (thought that it was just a decorative style of the hotel).
Everything was so unexpected.
Despite of the difficulty in breathing, headaches, chest pains, back pains (high altitude symptoms)...
cold weather, dry up rivers, yellow-brown fields ...
we were moved by the sublimity of endless fields, crystal clear sky and the tranquit mountains!
Iza brought her violin.
I couldn't forget the beautiful sounds of violin swirling in the Tibetian sky!



This sounds like a really magical trip. I like the places where the nature is outsanding and wild.
Sorry for my poor english, I guess.

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