In iza's world, there is a girl (her classmate) who always lies (as proclaimed by iza) ...
therefore iza doesn't want to be her friend.
I wonder ...
" Has she ever lied to you? "
" Everthing she said is a lie."
" Really? "
" She denied that she was an APE when she was a baby! "
" Huh ... ??? "
" We are all evolved from apes, aren't we? "



It's a silly story.
One day after school, iza was puzzled.
Very puzzled ...
"It's weird last time, it's even much weird this time!!!
Little zebra's mama is an elephant ...
little tiger's mama is also an elephant.
Elephant mama can give birth to a zebra and also a tiger,
how can this be?"
Iza is being trapped.
She has fallen into this fancy association for almost 2 weeks,
without telling anybody!
The background is that children in the school are taught to read a Chinese poem every single week. The first one is "little Zebra", the second one is "Little Tiger"...
" If you found this strange, why didn't you ask me last time?"
" I thought that it's just like C (her classmate, whom is a mix of chinese and british !?) ... " iza has even given an explaination to this "phenomenon",
" But it is far too strange that elephant mama can give birth to anything ... "
Maybe she cannot accept her hypothetic assumption anymore :)
To explain why iza has mistaken the meaning of the poems:
The word " looks like" in chinese looks like the word "elephant".
I really enjoy her way of associating things together. It leads me into crazy imaginations.
Now when I look at iza, I want to open up her mind and see what's inside!


feian said...

Iza is extremly cute, :)))

Mandy said...

Iza do you want elephant papa or elephant mama?

alliot said...

Thanks Mandy and Feian.
Now, every time when I see an image of an elephant, I recall iza's elephant mama!

Bridget said...

A lovely story! My first story with ideogramm, so interesting and funny!!