"Iza, do you ever think of taking drawing class?"
"No! I want to have more time left ... for thinking."
"That's good! Do you know why mama do not bring you to any drawing class?"

"Because you are going to teach me!"
"I'm not teaching you either.
Drawing is a process of creation.
Every time we draw, we create.
It's driven by our heart, soul and feelings.
Once being taught (how to draw), we follow the other's track, but not our innate drive.
What we need to learn is to see, feel and appreciate.
Not drawing.
I'm pleased that you prefer not attending drawing class even though most of the children go to drawing classes.
Is technique important?
No. Not in the first place.
Our technique will be polished once we start create."
Iza didn't look at me but she's happy that there's no additional class :)
She kept on working out her own "thing"...
Within these 2 weeks, the concept of "tolerance to ambiguity" always come into my sight ...

A beautiful felt goose from bonpoint. She's our family member now.

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I love this house for dolls...!