Can't sleep. Just jump up and write.


This Tuesday.
" Mama, I have a [romantic] afternoon in the school! " iza told me when we walked home.
" Oh!? How is it? "
" I have a daydream ... then fell into sleep ... suddenly I woke up and rushed into the classroom before my violin teacher entered the room ... haha ... at the last possible moment ... " iza explained enthusiastically.
" ... ooo ... we normally do not use [romantic] in such a way ... we use to describe ........ " I don't have a clue to explain what is [romantic] to her, no matter in a way that she can understand, or just telling somebody in words how it feels when he/she never have such experience before ... I resist to relate this to prince and princess, it limits the meaning of [romantic]. But, I'm really amazed by her association of experience in the way of building up her vocabularies :)
The next day, I tried to elaborate more on this ...
" iza, we use [romantic] to describe when we feel sweet and good ... "
" Just like in Chinese classic moral stories and Chinese three word classic poetry idiom?" iza asked.
I couldn't hold my laughter ... oh ... there're more confusions ... If base on my definition, her daydream and Chinese stories are very [romantic]!!! When I'm still thinking ...
" Is pikachu the pocket monster [romantic]? "
" Is Superman and Gundam [romantic]? "
" Mama, how about Mathematics ? " iza continued to drag on...
My first impression is of course NOT, but before the word "NO" came out my mouth, I realized that they could be very [romantic]! I'm confused ... !!!!
I just leave the matter and let her to find out later. She will know ...


In london, uncle Danny (my brother) had iza to buy some hot drinks to Auntie Wendy and mama on our way to Legoland.
Guided by Uncle Danny, iza managed to go to the counter alone and asked for
" Hot Chocolate, please! Take away! "
However, she couldn't resist to turn her head over to Uncle Danny and said,
" Why hot? Hot chocolate melts! "
Next time, when anyone asks for hot chocolate, just put your chocolate bar in pocket and sit on it. You will have HOT chocolate :)

I love HOT chocolate!


Evelyne said...

when child is young, it isnot necessary to explain a lot.
Live all together, some beautiful times like a rainbow or a sunset,only with eyes not words.
For me is romantic.
Sorry for my bad english!

alliot said...

It's true.
The more I say, the narrower the meaning is :)