Sweet letters from iza.

(On the green piece, iza wrote:
" When I woke up this morning, I saw mama. I kissed her immediately."
On the white one, iza wrote:
"Mama, I love you."
It was a letter within a letter, she wanted to give a double surprise to me! )

I made these last night, for the school performance this Saturday.

They are the little characters I drew for the poster & tickets of school performance day.
I haven't been drawing for a long long time!!!


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

You drew those? They're absolutely wonderful!! I just adore them.

alliot said...

I did draw the little characters.
I haven't got much confidence ...

Ribambelles & Ribambins said...

I wish I could draw something like this for our children school performance. This is beautiful! I am sure the children were really happy to have something so special to remember the day. A bit different from the regular tickets.
ps : all your pictures and compositions are really beautiful.