Milan 6

I don't have much time to organize the pictures ( there're still 2 sets of pictures taken in Shanghai and Beijing just before the Europe trip ), and I hope to maintain a daily post (if possible) on weekdays. Therefore, I select a few or just one each time and avoid those should be grouped together... If the situation continues, I may come up as Milan 100 / London 100 :)


Evelyne said...

Dandelion is my new project : in france is "pissenlit" and you can eat the leaf!!
Iza 's blowing a dandelion ...and a breath of stars go on the earth.
(sory for my bad english)

alliot said...

Beautiful words on dandelion :)
May i know what is the project?

Evelyne said...

It'snot a project, sorry . I write next week something about "La Pentecôte", Christian festival...and dandelion is a beautiful picture to explain it!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Love the dandelions....out QQ is learning to love them too. She especially likes them when they're still yellow, and is just now learning the joy of seeing them blown.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

btw I love the French name for them, it makes me laugh! And a dandelion-leaf salad can be delightful.