It's iza's little experiment. It's not orange juice, it's liquid egg.
She just wants to watch the color change of the liquid egg.
She cracked the shell of an egg, dropped the content into a measuring cup, carefully poured it into a bottle and whisked well.
The bottle will be placed near the window which is facing west. Sun will directly shine onto it in late afternoon.

Objectives of observation:

1 Change in color
2 Change in volume
3 Change in state
4 Change in smell

The observation period will last for 2 weeks, starting from 2009.06.08.
Changes of the first 3 items will be recorded by photos.
We don't know how to record the 4th item.
Iza predicts the color will turn deeper and the liquid egg will become more dilute...
I think we will have steamed egg after 2 weeks time :)

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Yoli said...

LOL, I think you will need a gas mask to approach the subject after all that time!