" Somebody think that there are a lot of colors in the world. But some do not think the same way." iza came up with this thought one day.
I just wonder that the one who disagreed might have some bad feelings on what's happening to her / him ... therefore he / she cannot see the many beautiful colors around us ... (pretty wrong assumption I found out later)
"May I know who is the one thinking the different way?"
"It's me!" iza simply answered.
I am astonished ... because I think iza is extremely sensitive to colors ... she sees and able to differentiate colors in very near tones ... she can see different whites ... even minor difference ... which white is more yellow, red, blue or green ... Remembered one day when she was still 3 , she pointed to her shadow and told me that she had a blue shadow. I was amazed. I got to notice that there are colors in shadows when I was in university looking at Monet's painting ... Another incidence, happening in Seoul when she was 4, we were doing the show programming of our project. Iza was allowed to play with the computer controlling lighting, she could adjust the lighting inside a glass installation (+/- 2.5m H x more than 5m L ). When the RGB of the light fixture was reset for her tuning, she adjusted the color back to the exact original setting as recorded, the EXACT RGB (by checking the recorded data) . It was almost impossible!! She has fine and acute color memory! Therefore, I believe she can see a lot more colors. She may have extraordinary sense on colors ... I keep this thought in the bottom of my heart ... then, what does that mean by not many colors in the world???
"I see in my mind that inside black, there is red. In the red, there is color of flesh. In the flesh color, there is orange and yellow... but I do not see a single color like that ..." iza tried to describe images in her head ... I desperately want to look into her mind ...

* R = red G = green B = blue


"mama, I know you would love this book." iza showed me a book called THE WHISPERING GAME by a young HK illustrator, " you love colors."
Many people think that I just love black. Actually, I like COLORS but not on myself.
Colors are like magic!


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

It seems to me that she is getting very esoteric on the subject of color! She has left the realm of ordinary thinking in relation to color and is entering another realm. I can't wait to see where this line of thinking takes her!

I learned about "hot shadows" and "cool shadows" from my own mother.

Evelyne said...

I'agree with Maïa, Goethe wrote about "theory of colors",also Collotd'Herbois and Docteur Hauschka...colors with temperament,melancolic and blue, colerique and red,sanguin and yellow , flegmatic and green...
When you observe a picture red on a white mall, after one minute you can see orange and green. If uou observe a black picture during one minute and after you look a white mall you can see only the frame...
Sorry for my bad english. Do you know the indigo children,they have a blue shadow...Beautiful sunday for you and your family.

alliot said...

I've got mixed feelings with iza. Because she's got a very lazy tongue, she's speaks like a baby! And, she loves to joke a lot, talk loud, laugh loud, she's nasty and a bit crazy... but many times, the content of her words set me thinking. I always think what will be she like when she grows up... many many times, I cannot move my eyes away from her, cannot stop thinking about her... like Maïa's has once said, I'm also fell under my child's spell :)

alliot said...

Thanks evelyne for sharing. It reminds me that I can play "color illusions" with iza. It will be fun to explore perceptions of colors in our brain!
I've never heard of indigo children before, I will look it up:)