Milan 20

Triennale Design Museum in Milan, in which we encountered these sublime designs of Hermes.

In the furniture fair, there were some interesting pieces for children.

The Sforza Castle

Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology, Milan
It's a pity that their interactive lab and workshops are not open for individual visitors like us.
Iza was extremely disappointed!


Evelyne said...

Two years ago Tatiana attended the workshop in the museum, but it was in august...and she speaks italian fluently !!

Anonymous said...

iza is lovely in that blouse! vdj clothes seam to be made for her!!

alliot said...

I wish one day there will be worshops conducted in English for the public :)

alliot said...

The designs of VDJ are really nice and Charlotte is very delicate with details!
I just received pieces of LE VESTIAIRE DE CLÉ (adult series) yesterday.
They are marvellous!!!

Yoli said...

Exquisite! Her clothes are just fabulous!