A small collection of home accessories : an apron and room shoes.
We used a Chinese black silk which was once a popular material in the old days. Extremely love its handfeel and volume.

Here's the place where the presentation carries out.

The apron is in adult size.
But, when we put it on iza, it just looks perfect!

Room shoes

The same black silk applied. We laminated it onto a thick orange felt and a thin grey felt ... the effects are nice. The shoes are folded up without sewing and stitches. Also, there's a leather version.

An exhibition on the collection will be held by Abitare (China) and Crystalized in Beijing this October.


Yoli said...

Those are absolutely beautiful!!!! When will those slippers be available for purchase? The black and orange ones are stunning.

Iza looks like a princess.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

The shoes are wonderful, I love them!

Loulou's mum said...

Glad to find some news of you here.
I absolutely love the shoes. They have a wonderful look and one can see the talented craftmanship in them.
We are going away, on the atlantic coast, for two weeks and these holidays are most than welcome. During this period, watch your mailbox for Iza (but don't tell her anything beforehand, promess ??) : )

feian said...

哇 知道你就会出手不凡的。非常喜欢,漂亮。那个围裙像件美丽的衣服。Iza太可爱了。开卖的时候通知一声儿:)

Felicity said...

I love the apron. Wouldn't mind having a pair of the slippers either.

alliot said...

Thanks all for loving our little collection. We are going to produce them but in limited numbers because they are handmade. Hopefully after the exhibition in October, they will be available for sale.

Loulou's mum, surely I'll keep the little secret:) It's warm to hear from you again! Thanks!!!

Feian, I'm so glad to see Chinese in my blog!!! I love your white blouse on your little one. She looks so sweet!

Felicity, I miss you and little Caesey!