Iza loves dinosaurs.
I love the delicacy of skeletons.
The above images were from the dinosaur theme park in Chang Zhou and Natural History Museum in London.

It was breathe taking to find life size dinosaurs "running" on a large piece of grass, "bathing" in the lake, "hiding" behind lush greens...
They looked real!

It rained all the day. The water in the air dramatized the sceneries.

Beautiful fossils
Real pigeons :)


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

What a fabulous park...and the photo of the white pigeons is transcendent.

ps- the illustration I'm working on this week was inspired by your Iza...hope you don't mind!

Michela said...

your photos are always surreal!

alliot said...

Thanks Maia! It's our honor!!!
Michela, I love your word "surreal" :)

Yoli said...

The images you come up with, always exceptional. Beyond beautiful.The white doves moved me. Iza as always, serenely beautiful.