Iza had ear infection some weeks ago.
When she met the doctor, she asked a silly question [as above].
It's peculiar to think there's a passage across our head that we can look through ...
I wonder has she ever tried to peek through the others ears without letting people knowing?
The doctor did give her an answer, a PROPER and NORMAL answer.
when we shared her creepy thought with my brothers, her Uncle Danny (also a doctor but practicing in UK) asked her what did the doctor say...
iza answered without a second thought,
"No. But, it's a tunnel for bees [to walk]!"
It's NOT the doctor's answer.
It seemed she's not kidding, either.
Sooo spooky freaky!!!!

Had something happened in the middle of message transmission??

Actually, the doctor did say,
"No, you can't look through. The tunnels are sealed up (at one end)."

In Cantonese, "bee" sounds exactly the same as "seal up".
That's why...haha...
Because of her words [to walk], we could tell that she had associated these sounds to "bee"!
It's really itchy and noisy to have bees creeping inside one's ears ...
My silly iza.

It's far too hilarious that I cannot resist turning her words into illustrations.


feian said...

Alliot, thanks for your message and I appriciate your kindness.
Iza must be an ET. haha. She is very clever girl. You are really a cool mom with all the writing and illustrations.

Yoli said...

Beautiful illustrations! As always clever, beautiful Iza!

eilen tänään huomenna said...

Kids are wonderful with their ideas!

fabulous ilustration!

Jeanne-ming said...

Alliot, i love the story of the bees and the lovely way mandarin, cantonese, and taiwanese all create special misunderstandings. It makes for fun.

You daughter is so beautiful and full of curiosity. Your way with her is so gentle. Lucky girl.

thanks for visiting Wu Fung Road....you know...