Tracing colors of Autumn these days ...

The greyish white,
one of the colors of Autumn in HK.
The sunlight is more soft,
tenderly wash all the whites.



Loulou's mum said...

Ohh.. love your pictures and love autumn's colors. So rich and earthy.
Iza is such a sweet looking girl (and I really like the way you dress her).
About the kitty, it doesn't really need a lot (food, fresh water, love). But as she is very young, it seems we have a second child at home in terms of wild running in the house, meowing and keeping always in my way (maybe you should look for an adult). That said, she is a real bundle of fur and love and I, who was not into cats at all, recognize she is good company for Loulou.
We just have to train her a bit so she doesn't jump on our beds at night and keep quiet in her little bed.

eralamaga said...

Beautiful pictures and the automm colors!!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I love your perspectives - they always make me see the world in a new way.

Yoli said...

The colors are stunning. A difference from here where orange, reds and golds are what you think of when you think of Autumn. I love, absolutely love what Iza is wearing.

feian said...


Evelyne said...

Dear Alliot you see the world with beautiful eyes....and i like the result (sorry for my bad english).

Comme du Coton said...

could I published your photos on my blog?

alliot said...

Loulou's mum, kitten is a good company :) I have promise iza she might have one when she grows up a bit and able to look after it herself...
marielle, yes. you are welcome to use them. Thanks for your beautiful designs.

Anonymous said...

great, great set!! beautiful autumn palette!! love the look of your little girl!
wish a nice week, alliot...