Shoes from Beijing


eralamaga said...

Amazing pictures and lovely red shoes!
I like your words and how you share pices of your life!
saludos, Lucia

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Lovely shoes. I love this technique of yours...is it photoshop? does it take long to do?

Jeanne-ming said...

oh oh oh!!!!Red envelope slippers!
I am in Hong Kong today and will keep my eyes WIDE open for the beautiful girl in red slippers.
Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

feian said...

呵呵, 内联升啊。我想买来着,那种黑色的,可惜没有我的尺寸, 脚太大啦:(也没有小孩儿的。没想到那么大红大绿的绣花鞋被你一处理,着实惊艳。漂亮。和中秋很衬。

Yoli said...

Oh so beautiful Alliot!!! Also thank you for the caring message on my blog.

ZEJ said...

So lovely Pictures!! :) Cute shoes! :)

alliot said...

Maia,I use photoshop.
I used the lasso tool to mask the shoes and tuned the background B&W only with the blue left, then exaggerated the contrasts by adjusting "levels" and "shadow/highlights".
Often, the process does not take long. But, if you are doing tests and explorations ... you may find it too fun to play with and forget to leave your computer :)