recycle paper plates and bowls from Japan
Wooden birdhead cup by Nature design


Yoli said...

Those are so beautiful, reminds me of birds. Iza as always lovely. I like that you accentuated the red in her shoes.

feian said...

I thought the recycle paper plates and bowls from Japan were porcelain, looks delicate and fine,very beautiful! It is amazing that they can design and make this kind of of products!
Haha, we have a lot wooden products in Norway, I love them as well!

Loulou's mum said...

Thanks for the link. Love the wood cup. So lovely.
I wear Camper a lot (used to be fan of the twins one) and didn't know until not long ago that they made shoes for children.
Iza's red one are wonderful.

Jeanne-ming said...

oh Alliot, you have such lovely taste and lovely sense of all that is beautiful and efficient.
I am heading towards you tonight.

Evelyne said...

Beautiful design !