Reading Feian's Misbehaved girls in the Art Museum, I recall some ... threatening moments when iza got NATURAL HIGH in large space like galleries and museums ...
Usually, in these places, photography is not allowed.
More often, I didn't have time to focus my lens ... I needed to guard the exhibits from being crashed, smashed, and turned into trash.
Believing that we do not have many related images, still, I try to dig into my library ... eventually I found this.
Nothing vigorous, but an encounter of 2 little children at Richard Hutten Exhibition in Kunsthal, Rotterdam, June 2007.
A blank space filled with beautiful echoes.
At that time, Iza was 4.


So glad to have this blog space.
Otherwise I would never be able to see this again and again and again.
I've seen this more than 20 times after I uploaded it.
But not ONCE after I took it, and before this post.
We often take stills, not videos.
Even, we do not have a proper video camera ...
Motions once captured, they will remain as a file in our computer library FOREVER ...
We don't have time to produce any printouts,
therefore iza has a BLANK printout photo album ...
it's not possible for us to browse all images with her ...
there are toooooo many ...
I then have this blog,
to force myself
to post IMMEDIATELY after every shot.
Still, I have photos taken in Feb not yet edit ...


feian said...

Haha, finally, A live Iza is having fun in the art museum...Makes me laugh:o):o):o)
So cute! The viedo was taken when she was 3-4 year old, wasn't it?

Evelyne said...

Thank you Alliot, it's so fine to ear Iza's voice. Beautiful...I send today a little present for her.

Yoli said...

OH HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! And to hear her little voice too!!!

feian said...

Alliot, that is so true. This blog space is such a good organizer and recorder to some ways. I have only a few printout photo albums of their babyhood, not more than that