the most wondrous gift of all.


A soft smile

A tender note

A small pleasure
A sheer wonder

A tiny delight

A gauzy dance

An absorbing passion

A light blow of air

A simple presence.

The graceful moments in our life.


Evelyne said...

"Il ne faut pas de tout pour faire un monde. Il faut du bonheur et rien d'autre." Paul Eluard
Joy and Peaceful for Iza, Ziggy and you ,beautiful friend.
With love. Evelyne

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

What absolutely gorgeous photos! Iza is so, so beautiful when she plays her instruments.

Jeanne-ming said...

Alliot, a lovely and serene post. Iza is really something special, no doubt due to the confidence and freedom her mother bestows on her.

feian said...

I am very touched by this post...
she is so beautiful!!!
How nice if you could be a girlfriend of mine living very close to me, and I want to talk to you much...Alliot, you are just so perfect...

Anonymous said...

Merry christmas and "bravo" for your post :)

Yoli said...

Same to you and your beautiful family!!!! Oh loved those stunning, stunning pictures with your beautiful Iza in them!

alexandra said...

Joyeux Noël à cette magnifique petite fille que j'admire déjà depuis longtemps sur le site du VDJ!
Admirables photos!
(désolée je ne parle pas assez bien anglais)

Anonymous said...

lovely! merci mille fois et toute la joie du monde et plus à tous. kenza