These pictures remind me something back to this summer.
One hot day.
Iza told her teacher (I was there too),
" I walk slow but run fast."
We just thought it's NORMAL, UNIVERSAL and NATURAL.
It ought to be.
" Grown ups walk fast but run slow." she simply said so.
I loved her arrangement, phrasing and flow.
We definitely felt humiliated but also stunned by her playing with irony.
What she said is SO TRUE for me and all dashing Hong Kong people.

She just reminds us
walk, don't run.

Iza loves to improvise ways of walking since she learnt to walk.
She creates funny steps, patterns, rhythms ...
walk, like dancing.


feian said...

新鞋 + 醉拳?! :)

Evelyne said...

Beautiful shoes.

Yoli said...

She wears the most beautiful clothes and shoes.

feian said...

小哲人和思考者: IZA:)

feian said...

Alliot, 你帮着Iza弄一本书出来吧,就叫 小公主,嘿嘿,肯定比美那本 小王子。

ulrikakullenberg said...

Vary, very cute.