Iza has not seen the sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh before she painted (colored) this, not even after she has done.

She started with flat green, purple and orange strokes ... i tried ... to advise ... her ... using short strokes with thick paints ... she got irritated. She started to doodle ... oh my little master ... the outcome is stunning.

I learnt. To leave her alone. Not to lead. Not to guide. Just watch her. I'm not as liberal as a child can be. I've got preconceptions on this painting. My mind is set, and framed. I learnt. Our child is our lead.

( Iza bought this canvas with a sketch printed on at a mini flea/flower market at school last Friday. Without any advice by grow ups, she did choose this with the other 2 blank canvas. Not like the other kids, she did not spend a cent on toys. )

Central, Hong Kong


Karumen said...

luv paintings by children - they may not, or actually most of them don't have any sorts of techniques, but that is the best part in their art! they are not bound by any rules, or norms that adults have... just simply drawing of what they see/feel, without thinking too much.

lovely piece by iza! :)

Yoli said...

Extremely talented. She does not need guidance, she needs encouragement. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. The photos as usual are lovely.

Yanyan said...

The painting is stunning. Wow, Iza!!

ww said...

The composition is almost exactly like Van Gogh's piece. I am amazed that she has not ever seen the actual work but was creating this just off her intuition. She is attuned to the old masters in art. An old soul. :)

Evelyne said...

Iza is an young artist, she knows exactly what she wants and what she needs...certainly "coleric temperament"...colors are so beautiful (color/soul).
Aliott, you can read about this temperament in Steiner books.

alliot said...

This canvas has a sketch print on :) Only the other 2 pieces of canvas are blank. That's why the composition is exactly the same. But to her, it's just a pot of flowers. Because she has not seen the actual work, she's totally free to do the coloring.
Sorry that the word "painted" on the first paragraph did miss lead.

Fei An said...

The painting is amazing!!! She was born with a reason...wow!!!

Do you show all the pictures of this blog to Iza? If you do it indeed, she must have got much sense of color from your pictures.

I like the sense of the colors from your pictures and your always different perspective.

alliot said...

Thanks so much for your sharing of the lovely blog by the homeschool mama! I'm reading it from her very first post:) Very inspiring. I would love to know more on "coleric temperament". Will search for it. Thanks!!!!

alliot said...

Fei An, yes, I will read our blog and also other blogs with iza. She knows Anja and Anette, QQ, loulou, Camille and her sisters, Yoli's 3 children, yanyan's little boy, the twins from petits bonheurs, jeanne of VDJ ... she enjoys so much listening to your stories and happy to know all these children around the world :)
I also find that iza is quite sensitive to colors. But she uses quite a different color palette...

nath said...

You are so right, children have got such freehand when it comes to art. Amazing colour combination!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

What an explosion of colour! Truly wonderful to see children's artwork like this... an artist in the making!