This is how iza's hair like after school today...

Before school,
her hair was neatly tied up on sides.
After a whole day ...
what can i can say ...
This is iza.
her look into you ...
is very iza.

The picture above was taken when she was 4M old,
her view of the world.
Now she walks and runs,
she has her new view.

She is,
on her road
to discover
wonder of the World,
with her big eyes.



nath said...

love the comparison with the baby picture... so much similarities, but at the same time, all new grown up serious expressions

Evelyne said...

Pourquoi de tels yeux ?
S'ils sont si grands cela veut dire quelque chose....
Iza, à travers ton blog rayonne dans le monde entier comme son regard, qu'on oublie pas!

kenza said...

wonderful! thank you for sharing these with us. they are all precious!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

LOVE the hair!! I don't know if Q's hair will ever grow - so far she has hair like a cat, just stays the same length! But if it does ever grow, I'm going to do it like this! Love it.

And the leaf photos...gorgeous! You have such a subtle and unique sense of color, all your own.

Fei An said...

我喜欢IZA乱七八糟的头发啊,哈哈。The way she looks into you, 一看就是个聪明调皮的孩子。
真好,过瘾,看了好几张Iza baby时的片子。

Yoli said...

How did I miss this post! OH I LOVE HER HAIR!!!!!! She is such a beauty in her BodeBo dress, Sally has one just like it! Your photography is exquisite.

Anonymous said...

simply amazing, truly beautiful!!