Yoli said...

These images, her art and her beauty together, are totally arresting. Wow!

The photo of her with her flute and red scarf is STUNNING.

Evelyne said...

we can find art everywhere.
Thank you for these beautiful pictures.

Karumen said...

luv the first painting the most, a little puppy iza drew? and the slippers too! vy cute, can go with some chinese style dress :)

Kickcan and Conkers said...

I love coming here - a visual feast everytime. I think my favourite is that colourful teddybear.

itsoh said...

great mix!!
love the b&w paintings, the picture of iza, and then the colors...

nath said...

Is that Iza's painting? they're beautiful! Love the minimalistic aspect of them

Jeanne-ming said...

Iza's artwork is amazing. WOW!!!!
and the way you did this collage is so artful.

Such talent.

alliot said...

Nath and Karumen,
Yes, all drawings are by iza. Love them all.
I like very much the ink series, especially the puppy and the chestnut (guess which?) ... iza showed me her pocket-sized sketch book one day with these amazing ink drawings. They are very intuitive and minimalistic. She did this series all alone.
The red scarf is a present bought from india by papa ziggy. He's just back from business. If we are lucky enough, we will have project there. I wish this dream will come true!!!!
And, thanks all for your lovely comments! They warm my heart.

Fei An said...

I really believe Iza was born to be an great artist plus a great designer. I love all her works...
Alliot, you are so luchky to be the mom of a shining little star:)
I am reading a book of Paramahansa Yogananda recently every night, so I really dream about going to India one day...
Good luck!

mapi said...

what a delight to dicover this blog, and your little girl's amazings drawings ! bravo.

Christine said...

Her imagination is so poetic. And beautiful.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Oh, favorite post yet!! What an imagination she has, and such an innate creativity, like her parents. That six mos photo with the huge eyes just kills me. And her artwork is always so beautiful.

Jeanne-ming said...

I have just shown this post to my sister in law's third grade class here in Taipei. This was after they were complaining that they were too young to draw well or do creative projects.

alliot said...

My heart stops when I read your words.
It's a very positive comment to iza.
Thank you so much!!!