We've gone through the most stressful holiday.

Pieces of homework.
Reading assignment.
Oral presentation.
Preparation for Chinese lesson.

Unbelievable and ridiculous workload for 6-7 years old children.
I worried.
I did involve in helping her managing her hugh workload.
I struggled.
Over involvement would spoil her autonomy.
I decided.
To set back.
To leave her all alone for preparing tests (yes! test again after the Holiday) ...

We, live in a society that highly glorifies efficiency and effectiveness. Children have to grow fast. They learn a lot intellectually, with little choice and freedom ... we, almost forget to allow children to take time, grow and explore at their pace ... we, almost ignore the rhythm of learning and forgetting ... we, almost neglect the transformation of knowledge into power plunged deep into the unconscious is as significant as waking after sleep ... we, almost refrain from noticing that it is not half so important to know as to feel...

To drink in strength, I drill myself into Le Monde Des Enfants. Heartfelt thanks to the group of contributors, they provide me with a vision, sustain me through confused times.

I love to share their posts. Here is one:

A message from Rudolf Steiner:
"We do not provide young people our own beliefs. We should rather encourage them to use their own powers of decision, to forge their own conviction of the world. They must learn to look at the world with their eyes! Our beliefs are valuable for us. We bring young people to simply say: this is how we'll see the world. You decide how it is for you. We must awaken faculties and not transmit beliefs. Young people should not believe in our truths, but our personality. Let us show them that we are researchers and put them on the way to be themselves scientists! "

And this post :

" If the teacher (parent) himself/herself gives the example of the ability to live strong feelings, while the beating, he/she will also develop "life of feeling" among children, teachers (parents) will find her students (children) engaged. The basis of all social faculties of human beings is the ability to empathize, to suffer, to rejoice in each other and with each other. The living word from man to man is the surest way to lead to an education of what is socially and full human rights."

In the hard days, we had stolen some seconds for a little adventure.


Yoli said...

You are doing the best you can. It does seem like society is firm in trying to make robots out of children. I think Iza has very caring and wise parents in her corner.

Karumen said...

that is indeed a lot of workload! and pathetically yes, that's the typical attitude for schools (and stimes worse, parents too) to expect students to squeeze in as much as possible w/o understanding hoping to score high marks in exams only, even at young age! thus the "high marks low IQ/EQ" bunch... sigh at the deep-rooted contraction between 求學不是求分數, yet no other measures established to evaluate students!
all said, iza is very lucky to have an openminded mom like yourself! :)

Heidi said...

I am wondering if loads of homework really good for students especially to those with learning disabilities.

Fei An said...

Dear Alliot, Thanks for sharing all these. Anja is doing fine here in Norway, not much homework, no test, a lot of playing outdoor, so I should be thankful to the system and whole cirmastance here in Norway. On the otherhand, maybe I am too relaxed with this thing so I was not into much of the "Children Education" subject. Will improve there!!! I agree that Iza will be fine since she has such a caring, wise and openminded mom. Alliot, don't worry, keep calm, and carry on:)

Evelyne said...

Aliott, ne t'inquiète pas, Iza a une grande force en elle, elle a ton exemple et celui de son papa.
Les difficultés surmontées développent la volonté.
L'éducation ne va pas dans le sens Waldorf en ce moment parce que le monde est en crise mais un jour cela changera et chaque enfant bénéficiera d'une éducation vers la liberté.
Les idées de Rudolf Steiner sont jeunes !
Bon courage à Iza...mais je suis sûre qu'elle y arrivera.
Sois tranquille, tout ce que tu vis tu le partages avec elle, tu l'aimes et n'est-ce pas le principaL
Belle semaine à vous trois.

Guusje said...

Beautiful post.
Our kids are in a Steiner school.
Good luck on your journey.
x Guusje

christine said...

so difficult sometimes

nath said...

when I show see your pictures and how happy Iza & my mouse are being outdoor, it just makes the whole schooling overdose so wrong...

Jeanne-ming said...

The very fact you are aware of the journey and the challenges your daughter faces gives her permission to fail. Iza is bright and like a sponge. She is talented too and so of course you have to open doors to fulfill her potential. BUT, the difference between balance, health and happiness, and the total ASIAN misery of over achievement and fear, is KNOWING. When you can relieve your daughter of this stress by sometimes helping her or letting her know that you think the pressure is too much, this knowledge, this compassion, will help your beloved IZA find balance.

The children who are in trouble have mothers who are CLUELESS! Not you.